Make Your Site Googlable

Here is how to get your website index by google.
  • Register with Google Webmaster Tools

  • Sign up for google webmasters. Here you can see when you site show up in queries and what they are searching for. You can also tell google to fetch your site. This will speed up the index process. Check out google webmaster tools for more info.
  • Have clean code

  • Search engines will give you a bad rating if you have messy code. That is why it is important to clean it up. There are a couple of tools you can use. First of all, run your site against Instant Position Seo Test. You can also use the mozilla firefox plugin called webmaster sape.
  • Meta tags are the key

  • Search engines relay heavily on meta tags. Don't have any and it will skip over your site, have too many and it may treat your site as spam. Use a tool like the above Instant Position Seo Test to see how search engines are viewing your site. To help you pick the correct meta tags you can also use a meta tag generator like Online Meta Tag.
  • Use alt tags on your images and links

  • Search engines these look for alt tags to index websites and images. The alt tag is something that is often over looked but it is an important step in optimizing your site. The alt allows you to provide a description for your particular link or image. You can learn how to do an alt tag at
  • Get your name out there

  • As google indexing web sites it will look to see how often your site is out there on the web. So the theory is the more your site is out there, the more knowledgeable it is. This is know as backlinks
  • Lastly ....... Be Patient!

    It takes time for search engines to fine you and index your site. Don't get anxious!. Also a search engine will give you a lower rating if the domain is in its first year of existence.

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